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  • TriSled BBQ
    Ben hosted a barbeque at his factory for friends and customers. A chance to show off his new toys, talk about his plans and show us the Battle Mountain videos.
  • HPV Canterbury
    The March meeting - photos of people, their cycles and people riding cycles.
  • Misc photos
    Assorted photos of bike things that I think people might like. Mostly oddities or strange things. Updated regularly.
  • A Greenspeed tandem trike
    The Lamb tandem, famous partly because of its trailer-trike.
  • My first recumbent
    A Kotzur recumbent bike.
  • Move flat - fleet of bikes
    Moving house using a lot of bikes and a couple of specialised cycles - megatrailer and my tandem trike - for the big, heavy things.
  • Move Flat - load bike
    Moving again, this time using a long john type load bike (and megatrailer, of course).
  • Ian Humphries
    modifications to the steering of his GLR, to get more ground clearance.