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A Greenspeed tandem trike

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I borrowed a Greenspeed tandem with the intention of purchasing it if it worked for me. The original owners were somewhat shorter than I am, which meant it wasn't especially likely to work without modification. This turned out to be correct, but by the time I'd worked out everything that would need to change it was a bit too much work. So I talked to the owners, and we decided to keep it in Sydney for a while and try to sell it from here (they live an hour from Canberra, so people are less likely to just drop by). It sold within a month to some people who saw it being ridden round. Cool. The photos are as it departed...
The tandem ready to leave...
Note that the tandem wheelbase
is longer than the vans'.
With Kelly
A very solid rack.
The rear seat.
And the captains seat.