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Moving House using Cycles

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We decided that since megatrailer could carry any single item of furniture that we owned, and the tandem trike could tow it, we would have a mass move using only cycles. With the help of a few friends we managed to move everything in two trips.
loading up
kellys bike
Dave and Mark
Starting out - loading up was the expected mess of people, but it all worked. Megatrailer has a spring base, futon mattress and a spring mattress on it, then my computer under the plastic cover.
the group
Victoria Rd
Here's the whole group getting organised just around the first corner, before we hit any traffic. The distance between houses was only about 2km, but there's a minor hill on the way, which made life interesting for me towing the bed. Disk brakes for the downhill section were great. We moved early on a Sunday to minimise motor traffic hassles.
Lisa, Mark, Kelly, Paul, Dave, Fiona
Unloading at the new flat, then back to the start for the rest of the stuff.
even the junk... this became the load bike later on
Repeat until it's all done... even the odd junk that I've accumulated over the months I've been back. This frame became the load bike.