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Older misc photos, by year.

Odd folding commuter bike - verical axis in the middle of the bike

as before, detail shot of the pivot
I saw this bike locked up in Erskinville. It's an odd foldng bike with a vertical pivot in the center of the bike, supported by a set of central frame tubes. I suspect it's only a year or two old, but the fold is bizarre compared to the Mongoose or Birdy style ones.

xtra-rack - Colin riding with two suitcases

xtra-rack - detailed shot

xtra-rack - detailed shot
Colin bought this bike off me, and had Jim make a rack big enough to fit two suitcases on. This is the same size as an Xtra-Cycle but without moving the rear wheel back. It works surprisingly well, but then I've never had to ride it more than a few metres. The load weight is almost all behind the rear axle, and even with a 10kg ingot in the bottle cage the front wheel has to be held down by the rider. And Jim hasn't got around to attaching the rack at axle level, so it wobbles independently of the bike. I'm working on getting Colin to accept a front rack which will help hold the front down (and carry useful weight), plus getting the rear rack stablised.

Bernard towing megatrailer behind his little bike

the Rohloff in Bernard's bike
Bernard wanted to carry a deflated Zodiac using his bike. Rather than get too carried away with building something I suggested he try actually moving the thing with his bike first. His calculations are that it weighs about 120kg, and the biggest bit is 1.7m by 0.8m. So there's a reasonable chance that it will be too hard to move it any distance with a bike, let alone on a bike trailer or trike. Since I have both One Less Ute (the bike) and MegaTrailer I offered to lend him at least the trailer so he could have a go. This is megatrailer behind his bike, which is as silly as it looks - 12" wheels, Rohloff hub, and 50cm high handlebars. We got the trailer hoocked up, and I rode round on it a bit (I weigh about 85kg), but unfortunately Bernard tore up his foot before he actually got to try it with the boat. Maybe in a few months when he's allowed back in the boat.