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These are accounts of the various places I've been cycling and cycle touring since I arrived in Australia. Note that the Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle stuff is actually on, because I originally posted it as and activism journal.

  • carrying silly things A collection of photos of odd things being carried on various bikes that I've built.
  • Barrington Tops 1999
    Barrington Tops is in north-ish New South Wales, a bit of a plateau that has state forest on it and a national park. I spent three days riding around this with Ken Wilson, where I discovered that even easy mountain biking can be quite hard going on a recumbent bike (especially one without suspension).
  • Canberra Challenge 1999
    A multi-event cycle contest held by the HPV crew - attracts mostly recumbent riders even though an upright could probably do quite well. Between the 20km road race and the enduro offroad bit you'd want to be quite fit. Fun to attend and a chance to see lots of different bikes.
  • Canberra 6 hour race, 1999
    Same place, but different... weather. Six hours of round and round in the cold rain that Canberra does so well. Mike got mild hypothermia, Ian got a bit annoyed.
  • Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle 2, 2000
    Thirty people, three months, five megametres. I rode half the distance in two months on a recumbent tandem trike.
  • The Canberra 24 mountain bike race, 2001. We came second to last in our class, but won the "most fun" category outright.
  • Touring in NZ 2004 Christchurch - Westport - Nelson
  • Touring in NZ 2005 Christchurch - Tekapo - Timaru - Chch