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Canberra 6 Hour HPV Race

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These images are all from the 1999 6 hour HPV race in Canberra. There's a page of full size images with comments. There's an Official Web Site

Pre-race nerves. Ian and Mike before the start. Helen thinking about racing. The start. Up the first hill. The 'back straight'
The eventual finish order. The pit lane / start area. Pits again. The speedy pit crew at work. Some of the kids team.
Should he fit the wet weather tyres? Since I'm here... A homebuilt bent. I *am* having fun! Ian's backup bike in use while I fix a puncture on the trike.
Mike at speed. The only *real* HPV. A Swift going, well, swiftly. At least one of them is taking it seriously. Unlike this guy.
A Wayne Kotzur special. Heavy. Complex. But very usable with a kid on the back. The TriSled factory team were here in numbers.
Another Kotzur, this time a tourer. Lighter, faster, fitter? The Kotzur amazing folding trike prototype. The boom folds down and under, as does the rear suspension.
This is like what I'm trying to buy. After Martin the graphic artist has tidied it up. The Swift at rest. ... A Greenspeed tourer.

Note that these were all taken with the disposable Kodak cameras and scanned on a fax/photocopier/scanner, so the quality is not all that hot and the "zoom" is electronic.