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  • I found a blog post discussing the limitations of chain wear measuring tools so I bought a couple and had a play.
  • Comparing white LED lights
    I now have a decent white LED light that is designed as a replacement for an MR16 halogen. So I went out and took photos to compare it to my other lights.
  • Building bike lights
    This is an enduring interest, and I have written a printable pamphlet for MassBUG as well as on-web instructions. Hopefully these will help you too. There's the more traditional 12V system with a sealed lead acid battery for about $AUS80, but also the top of the line NiMH system based around a cordless drill. That gives fast charging and high power output, plus a very clean mounting on the bike. It costs somewhere from $AUS500 (Panasonic) down to about $AUS100 (KMart NiCad system). At the 24 hour MTB race our system was amongst the best on show!
  • Snafu tyres
    I like these, I use them, they work. They are rated to 130psi!
  • Velocity Rims
    On the other hand, these deep V rims have died on me twice, and I have heard of other failures it the sidewall with them. Mine blew out on a near- new disk braked wheel. That sucks!
  • What is a Recumbent?
    And what do all those acronyms mean? And who are these people anyway?