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Dud Velocity Rim
Dud Velocity Rim

This is the "new" rim on my Kotzur bike after about 500km of riding. It was reasonably loaded touring, but nothing excessive. The tyre was at about 100psi, so it really shouldn't have been an issue in my opinion. Especially since I was using a disk brake (there aren't even V brake mounts on the bike!), and only punctured once. That was a gentle deflation, so I didn't ride it flat at all.

The failure was really simple (afterwards...). The rim joint appears to have failed, letting a strip of sidewall pull away. Eventually this let enough of the tyre escape that the tube popped out, with obvious results. The 4cm strip of sidewall that resulted meant that the wheel did not go round, so I pulled it off. But I couldn't inflate the tyre enough to let me ride the bike. Luckily this happened in the last days I was in Christchurch before flying home, so it wasn't as bad as it might have been.

According to the wombats at Veloshitty the rim "might not be" really intended for high pressure tyres. Not that it says that anywhere, you're supposed to guess. And the warranty is strictly replacement only, you can't have a decent rim instead. So I had to rebuild my wheel with another deep V and hope for the best while I waited for my BMX freestyle rim to arrive. I figure that since I buy freestyle tyres, the freestyle rims should be able to cope with them. It just means I can't run narrow, high pressure tyres very well, as freestyle rims are all quite wide.

Big thumbs down to Velocity for this one.