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Here's a list of the various cycle type things I've built, with descriptions of the design and building process. Sometimes I've included hints on what I'd change for the next version, partly for my own reference.

four wheel bike trailer with 2200 litre water tank on it
Four wheel bike trailer

workshop setup
Workshop setup

20" wheel commuter bike
Fancy Trailer
with an extending towing arm and sized to take a big plastic bin from Bunnings.

20" wheel commuter bike
20" wheel commuter
to replace my beloved On-One with Shitmano 8 speed hub of extreme crapness

binbike - load carrying bike

simple two wheel bike trailer
Two Wheel Trailer

cycletouring in a wheelchair
Wheelchair Cycletouring

Binbike prototype
BinBike prototype
A beam down the middle with a rack on each end. Basic load bike #1.

Trio Tall Bike
Trio Tall Bike - a silly parade bike
Currently just an idea while I work out details and scrounge parts and money to build it. I need a motorbike for the wheels and brakes I think. Under that blue blob is a real frame, a big triangle with the chain running around it and a set of pedals at each corner.

back-to-back bike
A Back to Back tandem bike
- another bike still in the conceptual stage, mostly while I work out where to store it.

bicycle sound system
bicycle sound system

One Less Ute
One Less Ute - a successor to long bike (updated Oct 2002)

megatrailer with queen size bed and futon
a bike trailer that can carry a double bed, or four adults.

tandem trike on tour
a tandem recumbent trike

the tall bike at RTS
the tall bike

a shopping trailer
a small two wheeled trailer (guide on how to build)

load bike
a "long john" load bike

bike chariot bike chariot
trailer designed for an idiot to stand on while the bike is in motion. For a "chariot race" using bikes that never actually happened. This is now used to carry the Rev Rumble's sound system for Critical Mass. Note that it's built to just fit the 16" wheels, and to hold one Sydney milk crate.

Kelly's rack
This is Ken's standard touring rack, brazed out with 4130 Chrome Moly steel. Kelly built it with Ken's help. Here because there are now about 5 or 6 of these that I know of, and between them they've done rather a lot of work.