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I'm finally building up my own workshop after... eight years... in Sydney. having a TIG welder means I'll be able to build all sorts of stuff, starting with a workbench. We have a single garage with brick walls under our unit and it's got bikes (12 or so at last count), shelves, and my workshop. Here's a few shots of the workbench building stages.

On the left wall is a row of ten bikes hanging up. The daily-use bikes are at the front, right at the back is Mitchell's trailer and my touring bike that needs a new seat. Plus the front half of the quad.

Looking out at my workbench constructiong efforts. TIG welder (yay!) on the left, then a folding table that I found while out shopping (I've been looking for a folding table for a while), then the inevitable row of bikes.

Underside of the workbench showing the framing that will hold the big vise. I lashed out and bought a 150mm mechanics vice made by Record, so it weighs a lot and shouldn't break. Made in Taiwan now rather than England, but it's still a nice sold thing.

The workbench with vice installed. The cheap Chinese swivelling vice at the near end is not yet bolted down, but that's about where it will go. It's so good to actually have a decent workbench again instead of the wee 3" clamp-on vice that I've had for the last few years. Just being able to put a 4m lump of steel in there and cut it... sooo good. The swivel vice also works to prop up whatever is in the other vice, and it looks as though I'll be able to align the fixed jaws.

View from the doorway now that I've hung a bit of carpet up to block the worst of the welding flash and noise. The bar that holes that up goes right across the garage and I intend to put a couple more bits of carpet up there that I can slide across as a full curtain. I'd like to just pad up the garage doo and hang a bit extra off the bottom, but the springs on that door struggle to hold the door open as it is. Luckily a 2m length of steel that i had lying around it just the right size to prop it open.

Still to come: put a shelf under the bench and stack the welder and various tool drawers under it, add bars and a locking mechanism to discourage anyone who breaks in from stealing too many of my tools. Perhaps also bolt it to the floor.