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After replacing the wheels and gearing on his Birdy, as well as building a custom rack and playing with other details, Ken decided to build a better version. Between the two of use we've seen and ridden a variety of folding bikes, from the origami (Moulton) to the spaghetti (Brompton), to the almost (Birdy). This led to the decision to make something similar to the Birdy in many ways, with a number of necessary changes - a better rack, neater fold, a fold pivot that actually works (my major gripe about Ken's Birdy is the pivot needing constant attention), Rohloff, hub dyno, decent lights, and a heap of other technical tweaks that I'm sure Ken has come up with. He bought suspension bits, seatpost and a few other things from the Birdy people, and commenced.
front fork
The front fork in progress, before the suspension links were bent.
main frame
The main frame, more or less ready to go. Much playing with the pivot angle was required to get this far.
folded up
rack added
Rack and bracing tube added.
hanging up
No, really, it's supposed to look like this. Wheels, seatpost and handlebars in place. The handlebars needed a lot more tweaking to get the pivot angle right.
Adjustments being made, of course, with the grinder. Unbraze, twiddle, braze back on, wiggle, repeat...