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My First Recumbent

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My first Kotzur bike was bought from Canberra Cycles as an off the shelf model. I rode it (or one just like it) at the Canberra HPV race, and decided that I liked it. Some negotiation later it arrived down, with a new, longer boom on it so it would fit me.

kotzur bike 1kotzur bike 1 This is the bike I rode at Canberra, and the same photo after processing by a graphic artist I worked with at one stage. Before I saw this I thought I was just spectacularly slow with image editing programs from inexperience, but now I'm convinced it's inherent in the programs.

kotzur bike 3
I sold it to a housemate who put "proper" mudguards on it instead of the bits of plastic I was using. This is the bike I rode through the Barrington Tops Notional Park. I had this bike for going on a year, and did about 3000km on it I think.

I sold it because it really wasn't quite the right size for me, so I got sore shoulders from the seat. I am also heavy enough to push down far enough that my tailbone hits the handlebar pivot on the bigger bumps. That's not good! After much thought I decided to sell it and buy a better one later, because in the meantime I had come up with the tandem trike idea.

I've since ordered a new bike from Wayne. It rocks!