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Megan and I have both decided we need new load bikes at the same time. So we're going to build two almost- identical bikes based loosely on the Kemper Lorri , but with a larger rear rack and a greater weight capacity.

Kemper Lorri at Velorution

First we built the prototype above to get an idea of how it will actually ride, and because we both wanted to build something now. After minor surgery the bike is quite rideable, despite the loose design brief - initially the rear wheel was over 10cm below the main tube, and the seat was a long way off the ground. Cutting the "seat stays" and dropping the rear wheel helped a bit, but Megan still can't ride it.

Usual requirements: carry 100kg or more, be easy to ride, not suffer too much when loaded, fit into my bedroom, accept my Rohloff, have disk brakes.

Kemper Lorri
A German? guy has added big racks to his one, and that looks quite cool (and is no doubt interesting if you read German).

The Plan

I've copied the images here because the old Lorri image vanished when reorganised their site and broke all my links.