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I Built it... index
tandem trike(1999)
tall bike(2000)
long bike(2001)
shopping trailer(2001)
tall bike too(2001)
One Less Ute(2002)
Bicycle Sound System(2002)
Bin Bike prototype(2005)
Wheelchair cycletouring(2005)
Mass trailer(2006)
20" commuter(2007)
fancy trailer(2007)
big trailer(2010)
I Rode There... index
Barrington Tops(1999)
Canberra Challenge(1999)
Canberra 6 hour race(1999)
Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle 2(2000)
Canberra 24 hour MTB(2001)
Cudgen in northern NSW(2001)
Blue Mountains(2001)
carrying silly things(2003)
Riding Melbourne-Adelaide(2004)
Touring in NZ 2004 Christchurch - Westport - Nelson(2004)
Touring in NZ 2005 Christchurch - Tekapo - Timaru - Chch(2005)
I Saw It... index
TriSled BBQ(2003)
HPV Canterbury (March)(2002)
Misc cycles(1999...)
The Lamb tandem(1999)
Move flat - fleet of bikes(Feb-01)
Move Flat - load bike(Jul-01))
My first recumbent(1999)
My TriSled racing trike(1999)
Ken built a folding bike(2001)
Current Stable
TriSled Quad(2009/2010)
I Like It...            index
large LED bike light
Snafu BMX Tyres rock
white LED light
I had problems with it...
Velocity Deep V 406 rim
What is a recumbent?
DIY 12V bike lights
Giles Puckett tube miter program
Giles Puckett Sprocket plotting program
Giles' stuff in more detail
Counting Bikes in Sydney (2001)
Bikes I no longer own
My old Kotzur bike
My new Kotzur bike
tall bike two
One Less Ute
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