I'm a geek. I paid good money for a domain that says so. And now I'm not actually using the domain, because I'm a lazy geek. So much for that idea.

I write Delphi code sometimes. Here's a wee utility I wrote to make CD-sized chunks of files for burning to CD. I use it to archive photos before putting them into my big on-disk archive. MozArchiver page. or just download the program and play with it. There's also a tiny utility to give me a directory listing with file size and full path because I wanted it for some reason. It's a tiny recursive Pascal program. Source and executable.

I did a talk on virtualisation for ADUG, so my notes are on the web.

I'm using 7zip for compressing virtual machine images so naturally I needed to do a bunch of tests on 7zip to find out how to get the smallest files.

I take photos too. Ditto. With a Canon 1DIII. When I had a Canon 300D I used hacked firmware kindly provided by the Undutchables group. Download it here with the documentation as a pdf.

A C-Evo tweak to make zero-cost movement faster download

A logging unit for Delphi - the file writer runs in a thread, it's pretty robust and the problems tend to lie outside of the logging code :)

You can email moz at this domain. There are even pictures!